Figure 2 shows the internal components of the GONVI kernel. The "Lingo Parser" receives input from a source outside the kernel via "LINGO (Graphical Object Specification)". The "Lingo Parser" initializes the pool of "GONVI Graphical Objects (Primitive, Composite and Application Objects)". The "Graphical Object Detector" modifies the "GONVI Graphical Objects" by building high-level graphical objects from primitive ones. The "Constraint Attacher", drawing from the "Constraint Attaching Rule Base", creates constraints on the "GONVI Graphical Objects". The "Constraint Solver" solves constraints on the "GONVI Graphical Objects". "Non-Visual Representation of Graphical Objects" is facilitated by an external interaction control component, connected to the "GONVI Graphical Objects" pool.

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