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Access Technologies Group

Photo Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann

Access Technologies Group provides Accessibility & Universal Design consulting services for software development projects, including the development of Web based applications.

Access Technologies Group is led by Gottfried Zimmermann, Ph.D., who was working at the Trace Research & Development Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, from Aug. 2000 until June 2003. Gottfried Zimmermann has been working in large-scale mainstream software development as well as in cutting-edge technology research and development projects in the area of Universal Design. His expertise is in applying Accessibility and Internationalization practices to commercial software and Web development projects.

Currently, Dr. Zimmermann holds a deputy position of junior professor for digital media ("Medieninformatik") at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Dr. Zimmermann is active in multiple standardization projects, including the W3C Protocols and Formats Working Group, the ISO/IEC JTC1 SubCommittee 35, the ANSI/INCITS Technical Committee V2, and the German Arbeitskreis Barrierefreie Informationstechnologie / Accessibility (BITA), an initiative of the German Computing Association GI and the German standardization organization DIN. He is also member of the German Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA).

The supporter logo of the German Association for barrier-free Information Technologies

Access Technologies Group is supporter of the German Association for barrier-free Information Technologies and IBM Business Partner.

Access Technologies Group is located in Pfullingen (about 40 km south from Stuttgart), Germany.